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May 27, 2016, 12:00 AM

Where are you?

    Where are you?   If you have visited this website, you must be checking out churches and probably for several reasons.  Did you find some things to interest you in maybe  being our guest? 

    I put on our marque the message "No gimmacks  the Bible  the church an worship".  That could mean something different for each of us but what I had in my mind was that South Burleson Baptist Church has a focus. 

    I've read and own books about church growth, vision, and community  ministry but without that focus above, some of that other stuff just cost more money, time, energy and I've been in the big and small churches with that other stuff.

    We've been here since February 25, 1978; the church building burned in August 23, 1997 but rebuilt.  I am happy to be the pastor.  Have we had time to be a much bigger church?   Probably.  Are we trying to be a bigger church?  Well we certainly believe the church is the called out ones--God's people.         

    But my question is "not do we want to be bigger, but is everyone that needs to be part of this local church family of South Burleson Baptist church coming to serve, worship, disciple and minister?" I'm not just talking about our current congregation.  I'm talking to you reading this.  I don't want you to quit your currrent church if you are very active.  I'm talking to you who have just got a nudge in your heart and mind that said, "hey, I think I should pray and go check this church out."                                    

    So, hope to see some  new faces and maybe a larger congregation.                        

    Pastor Lamar   







Page 1 2   Entries 1-5 of 9