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August 4, 2015, 1:42 PM

Found a church home yet?

I have had to discover a church home for my family only a few times.   As a pastor, there is a different process.  So, when my family started to look for a church home, we had so many to choose from and this took several Sundays to discover which one we felt like we should become a part of. 

You can look for a long time and even re-visit the same churches and you will just keep the process going for some time.  What we discovered in our search (and even in locating a place to be a pastor) we sat down and thought and prayed about our future church family.   We didn't say "what are we looking for; what do we want, what size is it, and other such things.

We asked God to show us a church that needed us.  That we could serve Jesus among a church family.  We wanted to go to a church (and I use  the word "want" as a faith statement) that God would have us to worship HIM with a church family, to study  HIS Word, to share HIS love.  We found the church(s) though we were there only a short period of time.

Have you found the place that needs you--where God needs you?   It gets exciting when you do!

Hope to meet some of you soon. 

Pastor Lamar


June 1, 2015, 1:21 PM

Does Sin Still Exist?

I heard twice last week the term "Acceptable Morality".   I thought about God's standards of course.  WRONG!   It seems that whoever is doing whatever to whomever is the latest in social behavior.  I could list so many illustrations here and even show Bible scripture.  The problem is that with acceptable morality, there is no authority to define what is or is not moral.  Well, this is one church and church pastor who looks to God for moral standards.  If we don't follow that--well it's called SIN!  But, God in mercy and grace allows us to repent of that sin and follow true morality.  Don't you think life is not so chaotic that way--don't you think that's even practical?

Come be our guest this Sunday! 

Pastor Lamar


May 11, 2015, 3:57 PM


I am doing some study on worship.  At South Burleson Baptist we still sing those great hymns that have  messages that teach, reflect and bring us thoughts about our God and our Faith.  We sing some more recent songs too. 

In my reading, I have been convicted of how some of my Sundays have a true spirit of worship more than others.  It usually is because during my preparation, God has revealed my spiritual need in relation to the scriptures of the message.  It can even be affected by lack of sleep, health, or even conversations before the service.

What I want to share as I consider not only my private worship, but the worship I am involved in with our church family, is how much more worshipful it could be.  I'm not talkiing about new fads or even immitation of "successful churches."  I'm talking about an experience with God and His people.  

This is just in my prayerful mind, but let me just say, as the pastor of this church family, I am praying for improved fellowship with God through worship.  It's great now but we can always use spiritually motivated improvement.  See you Sunday!

--Pastor Lamar

April 2, 2015, 1:00 PM

Holy Spirit

My second grand child was born a few months ago.  My daughter says I have a unique gift with him and my older grandson.  When the baby would cry, my daughter would call and I would talk to them by phone or Skype and the child would quit crying.  As I pondered how I could quiet these little ones in Kentucky all the way from Texas, I thought how the Holy Spirit who resides in the heart and life of the Believer can quiet our souls.  That works even better than grandpa's comfort.


Hey, looking for a church?   Try South Burleson Baptist.  It's the church home of some great people.  See you Sunday!!

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