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October 12, 2015, 2:11 PM

To the young at heart

Hey, just a little something for those of you who are young adults looking for a church home.  We have had some of you 20's & early 30 year old adults visiting us recently.  First time guest looking for that place of worship, fellowship and Bible preaching.  Hey and we've had some come back too.  It's too early yet to say how many times they will come back, but our congregation (and the Pastor) are feeling great about this!!  We want you, we need you and I just finished texting one of our new young couples and they are ready to greet you.  If you are 20 years, 30, or 92 (one of our newest memebers) I think you just might need to come again or come the first time.    Hope to see you this Sunday!

Pastor Lamar

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