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July 20, 2015, 1:35 PM

If you don't ask....

I am sure these next few lines will irritate some and maybe cause some to never set foot in our church building but sometimes information needs to be generated.

I went to a confernce in Virginia years ago for church leaders and a business man said to the group, "people of  wealth and businesses are often asked for contributions for certain projects.  Colleges and Universities do it all the time.  Churches almost never do ask for money except in the church.  And many complain about that saying "all that church talks about is money."

Well we churches operate on "faith" and we say "God will provide."  That's Biblical.  But let me share something and this is often true with small congregations.  Our parking lot needs repaired.

You see, there is a big ball park beside our church.  We also have a small field that the community little leagues use for practice.  The community often uses our parking lot.  Commercial trucks use it to stop and have lunch, make calls, or take a nap.  When there are special events  like 4th of July fireworks, people flock to our lot.  We don't charge.

Lastly, we are in a neighborhood where there are duplexes and a lack of parking.  These people often park their cars on our lot temporarily.  Finally, we are at a corner of a major road and people actually use our lot to cross in order to avoid the stop sign at the corner of an intersection.

So what should my  church ask from the public?  We are hoping to resurface the lot soon with very limited resources.  If you would like to help us with this project, our mailing address is  South Burleson Baptist Church, PO Box 784 Burleson Tx 76097.

If this article offended you, come be our guest, if it motivated you, be our guest.  If it convicted you, be our guest.  Because there is no charge and we offer the message of the Free Gift of Eternal  life to all who will hear and receive.

Pastor Lamar


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