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August 4, 2015, 1:42 PM

Found a church home yet?

I have had to discover a church home for my family only a few times.   As a pastor, there is a different process.  So, when my family started to look for a church home, we had so many to choose from and this took several Sundays to discover which one we felt like we should become a part of. 

You can look for a long time and even re-visit the same churches and you will just keep the process going for some time.  What we discovered in our search (and even in locating a place to be a pastor) we sat down and thought and prayed about our future church family.   We didn't say "what are we looking for; what do we want, what size is it, and other such things.

We asked God to show us a church that needed us.  That we could serve Jesus among a church family.  We wanted to go to a church (and I use  the word "want" as a faith statement) that God would have us to worship HIM with a church family, to study  HIS Word, to share HIS love.  We found the church(s) though we were there only a short period of time.

Have you found the place that needs you--where God needs you?   It gets exciting when you do!

Hope to meet some of you soon. 

Pastor Lamar


Page 1 2   Entries 1-5 of 9